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Truly immersive VR experiences are on the horizon but are not quite here yet. Latency between actions and reactions remains a problem in the communication among wireless sensors. As the number of sensors grows, the problem gets worse. Every millisecond counts!

At InPlay, we have invented a breakthrough wireless technology designed specifically to enable multi-node, ultra low latency, bi-directional communication for VR hardware. Scalability without latency deterioration is a critical feature. InPlay’s wireless solution will enable a paradigm shift in VR immersive experiences.

Inplay Technologies
Inplay Technologies
Inplay Technologies

Key Features


InPlay’s technology enables blazingly fast communication between hosts and many sensors. This capability is only possible with a novel protocol designed into the hardware. And the power of that capability is unleashed at the application level. In addition, InPlay’s technology is flexible enough to use the 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz spectrum.


InPlay’s SoC is designed with scalability in mind. It enables low latency in applications ranging from a few nodes up to a large number of nodes. This is made possible by a latency management mechanism that minimizes self-interference. Scalability is one of the key advantages of InPlay’s proprietary wireless solution. As VR capabilities evolve rapidly in the marketplace, our solution is a sure way to futureproof a VR platform, satisfying tomorrow’s requirements.


For a small number of nodes, InPlay’s technology can achieve sub-millisecond latency. As the number of nodes increases, latency is effectively minimized through the proprietary protocol.

Low latency applies to both uplink & downlink communications which is essential for applications using haptic feedback.


InPlay’s SoC achieves industry leading power consumption because of our tightly coupled design expertise in RF and digital systems.


Haptic feedback enhances the sensation of touch in the virtual world. But, it also makes wireless design more challenging. InPlay’s technology overcomes the uplink and downlink low latency challenges enabling haptic feedback applications.
Inplay Technologies

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